The Health Bar App with many vegan and vegetarian recipes is available on the App store for Android and iOS!

The HEALTH BAR App works like a digital cookbook that you can expand any time with more recipes. It helps you to achieve a healthier lifestyle! The app has been developed in three languages (DE, EN, BR) and adapts to the smartphone's set language.
It contains over 70 healthy and plant-based recipes in 10 categories created by Anna Schuerrle. You can easily use a search function for ingredients.
But let’s talk about the highlight: an integrated in-store to expand the app with more recipes.
Here the user has the opportunity to purchase various recipe bundles regarding his individual needs and desires. Recipe bundles of other personalities are integrated as well ! For example, André Schuerrle also created a bundle with the topic of sports & nutrition.
Other personalities such as Jelena Marija, Nadia Damaso, The Tasty K, André Feulners are part of the project and provide self-created recipe bundles in the app's shop.