André Feulner

Brief portrait of the entrepreneur and the model André Feulner

As a model, André travelled a lot and often found himself not having a true home base. Then he realized that what was really missing was the connection to himself. With the Rootine Life and the healthy Rootine juice, he has built a platform that serves to bring more balance into one’s own life and to develop body awareness. Healthy nutrition is an important building block for this and even more- a deep need. Andre created a bundle for Health Bar, which is about small but powerful energy boosters for everyday life.

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"Learn to act in
harmony with
yourself and
without harming
others, use your
opportunities and
be spontaneous
and open."

Where did the idea of ​​founding Rootine Life come from?
As a teenager I was overweight, as a model in my early 20s I was often too thin and unbalanced - when I was traveling from job to job, I didn't feel at home. Today I know that your most important home is within yourself and it doesn't matter where your body is.
I find it very important to be satisfied with yourself. We have to eliminate what throws us off the balance. My dream was and is - to inspire and support an uplifting lifestyle. With Rootine we are creating a platform and products that inspire us every day to live more pleasant, healthier and more exciting while including all the senses.

What is Rootine Life's mission?
Our job is to create products and lifestyles that elevate your daily routines.

How would you describe your passion for healthy eating and a healthy mind set?
It's a very deep need. It occupies me, drives me and fills me up.

Can the beginnings be traced back to your childhood?
Definitely to my parents and grandparents, who continue to inspire me to this day and still lovingly challenge me to do my best. My family gave me a special understanding of natural foods - I grew up in a small village, in a house with a vegetable garden and fruit trees on the edge of the forest - my grandparents had farms and gastronomy and all of that shaped me. I had a really lovely childhood.

Can you tell us your top 3 food trends that you discovered while traveling?
Super Mushrooms (medicinal mushrooms)

What routines do you have in everyday life?
Some ☺

- Get up around 6:30 and most importantly - make my bed right away. Sometimes when I feel it, briefly smoke Palo Santo or incense.
- drink a glass of water with probiotic capsules
- Put on a sporty look around 7 a.m. and go straight out (either go for a run or take a walk with an oat cappuccino) This walk / run is so incredibly important to me every day - it's my time for thoughts, ideas and a kind of mind cleanse
- afterwards there is a juice for breakfast, an ice cold shower and then I usually work for Rootine Life all day
- In the evening I go running or for a walk and I drink chamomile tea with CBD oil to fall asleep.

Which foods give you a lot of power?
Juices and smoothies with lots of ginger
Coffee with CBD
Berries, matcha, oranges, chlorella algae, lemon, cucumber, cocoa, chaga mushroom

You created the “Sporty-Sweet Upgrades” bundle for Health Bar, what was important to you?
The bundle is about small energy boosters that are 100% natural - I've only used ingredients that I like to push myself with.

What is your favorite recipe from the bundle and why?
Activated Apple Pie is a dream, even if you have to spend some time doing it. I love the recipe - I tried to make my grandma's favorite cake a little healthier and not lose the taste in the process. Higher Greens is my favorite smoothie. This is perfect as a meal without feeling heavy or tired afterwards.

What helps you to find your inner balance again and again?
Walking, running, music, certain scents (such as patchoulli, sage, palo santo, vetiver, frankincense, sandalwood), CBD oil, cold showers, fasting, reading, drawing, doing things immediately, hiking and going into the cold lake leap. To make me aware again and again that we are all good enough the way we are - that doesn't mean that you can't improve anything, or that you don't want to work on yourself, I want that all the time, for example - I'm my own, permanent experiment. But the way I am, I'm already satisfied. I think it's important to allow yourself to get to know yourself, to become aware of yourself, to do what makes you happy - maybe first to understand what really makes you happy. This knowledge is a guide to ourselves.

If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?
A lot of what happened makes sense now - I wouldn't want to change anything.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I stopped thinking so far ahead. In the past it scared me not to know, today it relaxes me not to think about it.

Which place in the world inspires you in particular?
Cities like LA or NYC - otherwise oceans, seas, forests, mountains

What tip do you like to give other people on the way?
Learn to act in harmony with yourself and without harming others, use your opportunities and be spontaneous and open.

What wish do you want to fulfill in life?
I want to spend a lot of time with my family, preferably together somewhere by the sea - ideally in a lonely house on the beach in the north.

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"I find it very
important to
be satisfied
with yourself."