Julia Muniz

How does it feel to live in Brazil, Hawaii and LA, and what inspires model Julia Muniz Robinson about plant-based eating?

Her job gave her the opportunity to travel a lot around the world and get to know distant countries. In addition, she recently founded the swimwear label MAOISWIM.

"eating plant based
inspires me
to be happy
and to protect
our planet as well."

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You have two passions: modeling and surfing. How are you managing to combine both of them effectively?
Actually what I’m most passionate about is traveling. I love surfing and modeling is my work. I’m grateful for my modeling career because I got to travel to so many places and I got to meet so many amazing people around the world. Surfing has always been in my life - I have never taken it professionally and I surf more for fun. Its an amazing way to be in the water and connect with myself.

As a surfer, protecting the oceans certainly plays a major role. What is your take on protecting oceans sustainably and what are the ways you maybe try to implement it?
Protecting the ocean has always been a passion of mine. I have been learning day by day how to be more sustainable with my daily choices. I support organizations like Cora gardeners and 4ocean. I dream to one day have my own NGO and help the planet. For now, I’m about to launch my swim brand in a week and me and my business partner created a sustainable brand/product. We make our swimwear from recycled waste. We wanted to create a brand for our future and be able to educate women on sustainability topics while we too continue to grow and learn. I’m very excited about this new step in my life and I’m looking into other ways of protecting the ocean.

Is there another sport besides surfing that you are thrilled about?
I love free diving(even that Im really bad at it haha) but Im not sure if is really considered as a sport? I have been practicing boxing and muay thai. I love sweating.

After growing up in Brazil, you lived in Los Angeles and Australia for a while and have now moved back to LA. Why did you choose LA?
5 years ago I moved to LA from Brazil. I moved to LA because I wanted to explore more modeling opportunities and I was looking for a better future. I’m really grateful all of my plans worked out better than I thought, and 3 years ago my modeling career started requiring me to travel more and more. I took a 3 months trip to Australia and Indonesia, where I met my husband. We lived in Australia from february to november, as my husband is Australian and COVID was impossibilitating us to travel. Now, we are based in Hawaii, and we are not sure how long we will be here. My business partner on MAOI(our swimbrand) is Hawaiian, so is great to be here and work together. We have a good lifestyle here and friends that are like family.

Which continent inspires you in particular?
South Asia

What do you like most about the city you live in?
Im living in Hawaii now and what I like the most is the lifestyle is very similar to the lifestyle I grew up in Brazil.

You eat mostly plant-based. Was there a trigger for this?
Yes, I had a very stressful year in 2017-2018 and I was eating mostly fast-food, going in an out of compulsive eating and started experiencing body dysmorphia. I was counting calories, starving myself for hours to be able to eat very unhealthy food.

I found the balance after this and eating plant based inspires me to be happy and to protect our planet as well. I always prefer to buy organic food and my health/energy feels way better from it. We go fishing now and then specially in australia so I still enjoy having sashimi a couple of times a month and I learnt to dont restrict myself. Today I do more of intuitive eating and eat anything that feels good - always choosing foods that will nourish my body.

For which dish would you like to have the perfect alternative?
Brigadeiro - my favorite brazilian dessert. I created the perfect alternative and you can find on my bundle on the Health Bar App.

You created the “Brazil meets Australia” bundle for Health Bar, was there a particular thing that was important to you in the creation of the recipes?
I created the recipes based on my everyday diet, so everyone can have access to the basics I use to create my recipes.

What is your favorite recipe from the bundle and why?
I love the cheese sauce as I can play with it. I love adding truffle oil or shredded truffles when I’m cooking a romantic dinner for me and my husband - and love how we can just simply and quickly make a Mac n Cheese as well.

How do you manage to supply your body with all the nutrients it needs?
I try to have as much variety of vegetables, fruits and grains as possible. In Brazil, I grew up eating lots of beans, rice, fish.

What are your 3 favorite ingredients?
Cashews, Dates and almond butter

Is there something that you really want to experience?
I can’t wait to have a family one day and be healthier and healthier every day. I want to inspire my family and friends to live a healthier lifestyle. Not always someone with a lean body is healthy - I want everyone to remember that mental health is way more important than how your body look.

What things are currently most important to you in life?
Happiness and calm

What kind of changes do you hope for in the future?
I hope all companies start switching to a more ethical/sustainable production and organization.

As a model, you will surely get a lot of compliments. Which compliment in your life were you most happy about?
When people say I have a beautiful soul :) and it always makes my day when women send me encouraging messages.

What do you miss most about Brazil?
My family and tons of coconut water.

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von Júlia Muniz Robinson 🦋 (@juliamuniz)

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