Anti Aging

Anti Aging - simple methods for everyday life

From a certain age, you look in the mirror and notice that you are no longer 20. This realization suddenly came to me. After a night of little sleep I looked at myself in the morning. With narrowed eyes, holding the coffee in the right hand, I noticed fine lines, lines that became more and more wrinkled. The eyelids also no longer wanted to stay taut in their original place. On the outside, I find smile lines or eye lines rather charismatic. they reflect everyone's own experiences and wisdom. And yet there are also signs of aging that you want to intuitively counteract immediately. In fact there are some helpful methods that we can integrate into our everyday life without requiring a lot of effort. The most important thing is the consistency and regularity.

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1. Collagen
The collagen in our skin ensures our smooth skin surface. From around the age of 25, our collagen production slows down, which in turn means that the sagging of the skin creates more and more fine lines. To counteract this, you should include foods in your diet that provide a natural collagen boost:


1. Red fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, beets, red peppers, rose hips and strawberries. They have an antioxidant effect and are also considered free radical scavengers. This helps maintain    collagen levels.

2. Orange fruits and vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, mangoes and apricots contain a lot of vitamin A. this strengthens cell growth and stimulates the body's collagen production.

3. Avocados: Avocados not only contain a lot of vitamin E, which combats free radicals, but also a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which prevents the breakdown of collagen.

2. Massages
Massages can be used specifically to get rid of wrinkles. The blood circulation is stimulated and individual muscle areas are loosened and relaxed through targeted hand movements. Meanwhile you can hear and read a lot about lymphatic drainage in connection with anti aging. But how exactly does that work? The lymphatic system ensures the transport of nutrients, but also the removal of toxins. So it detoxifies our tissues. Occasionally there can be a so-called lymphatic congestion. This causes swelling and pale skin. Lymphatic drainage releases the lymphatic congestion and thus ensures a fresh and younger complexion. 

3. Sports activities
Sports is the cornerstone of our mental and physical fitness. But also the appearance is changed by sports: fresher complexion, firmer skin, as well as less love handles in undesirable places. Physical activities also promote bone formation and thus counteract signs of wear.

4. Adequate hydration
When our water balance is sufficiently filled, our body is only able to work and be used properly. Pure water is the best way to add fluid to your body. Water benefits us directly without any detours. It has a purifying effect - toxins and nutrients can be transported more easily. Especially the elasticity and vitality of our skin largely depends on our water supply.

Did you know that the Chinese drink several sips of hot water throughout the day? In Chinese medicine, it is said that superfluous edema or accumulations of water deposits are better removed.

5. Sleep
Talking about beauty sleep has been scientifically proven and is no longer a fairy tale. At night the skin starts to regenerate, cleanse and recycle itself. After 2 hours of sleep, this process is at its peak. If we don't sleep, our genes cannot take on their original functions and you can see that very quickly on our skin.

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