Best of K-Beauty

The 3 Korean Beauty Trends You Need to Know

K-beauty care is probably one of the world’s most talked about skin care trends today. The Korean beauty ideal aims for a complexion that is poreless, wrinkle-free and visibly yet naturally glowing. To achieve this, here are our three favorite K-beauty tips: from a holistic routine to a small skin care supplement to a moisturizing must-have for now and then.

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1. Minimal glass skin routine: for the full K-Beauty experience.

Glass skin is at the top of our list - and can easily be considered as the iconic beauty ideal of South Korean women. As the title suggests: glass skin is synonymous with a complexion that is so translucent, luminous and flawless that it has the appearance of glass. The idea behind this is to moisturize the skin so regularly and well that it glows without the help of additional beauty products.

For this, you should devote time in the morning and in the evening to a five-step routine (simplified version): First, thoroughly remove dirt and sebum from the face, neck and décolletage using two different cleansers (keyword here: double cleansing). Afterwards, apply a generous amount of moisturizing toner to balance the skin’s pH level and prep it for optimal absorption of active ingredients. This creates the perfect basis for a hydrating serum with a high glycerin content, which in the third step gives the skin an extra portion of moisture to ensure a radiant – not oily(!) - complexion.

Finally, an intensive moisturizing mask is applied to coax the skin into looking smooth, firm and radiant. To lift the whole thing to the next level, add a spritz of face mist for dewy freshness.This ensures the skin is maximally nourished and hydrated - and radiant, in the truest sense of the word!

PS: For the morning routine, a product with sun protection factor should also be applied across the face and décolletage.

2. Double serum hack: the small addition to your skin care routine that makes all the difference

As everyone knows, double is better. Double cleansing in the glass skin trend is not the only step that K-beauty influencers do. Multiple applications of serums are also very popular - and quite rightly so, because: when two or more serums are applied one on top of the other, the skin’s various needs are individually satisfied, i.e., double serum dosing addresses a number of skin issues in one go.

Disclaimer: When using multiple products, compatibility of individual active ingredients should always be checked. In addition, every skin needs different intensity of care. So, monitoring skin reaction, especially with layering techniques, and tweaking by using more or less product(s) are recommended. 

3. Simple sheet masks: the K-beauty must-have for now and then
Those who are into K-beauty will know this: since sheet masks revolutionized the international beauty world in 2018, it's hard to imagine skin care rituals without them. The popular sheet masks from South Korea are made of cotton, vegetable gels or silk, and are usually soaked in a rich serum or light essence. They are perfectly tailored to the face, so they can be easily applied and their nourishing effects immediately experienced. As the nourishingly-intensive sheet remains on the skin for usually 15 to 30 minutes, the moisturizing active ingredients are absorbed and in no time give the face a noticeable freshness and radiance. 

This is why sheet masks remain our absolute favorite years after their international launch. The masks can be applied easily and quickly at any time and any place - whether integrated into the daily routine or used now and then. This quick application followed by the immediate results make these masks the simplest beauty must-have no one can afford to do without!