DIY Flaxseed peeling

For dry, impure skin

„Flax seeds
provide moisture
and ensure a
young, firm

Flaxseeds contain both omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin A, B and E. They moisturize, refine large pores and ensure a young, firm complexion.

3 tsp.   crushed flaxseeds
20ml    hot water
1 tsp.    flaxseed flour or wheat bran
1/2 tsp.  flaxseed oil or hemp oil
2 tsp.   coarse sea salt 

Pour a little hot water over the flaxseeds and let them soak for 10 minutes. Now process the flaxseed flour into a solid mass. Add the flaxseed oil and the sea salt. Stir well. 

Distribute the peeling evenly on the face. Work it gently into the skin with circular movements. Enjoy some rest for 10 minutes and let the peeling soak in well. Then rinse the peeling thoroughly with warm water. If you have sensitive skin, you should either avoid using the salt or reduce the exposure time to 5 minutes.