Simple instructions for a rich care mask

The colder winter months often affect the quality of our hair leading to more dryness and dullness. The lower the moisture content inside due to the dry heating air, the more lifeless becomes the hair. This is especially true for the ends, which begin to split more intensively in winter. Also the cold temperature outside narrows the skin vessels and results in malnutrition of the hair, which further increases the dryness. 

That is why, during the cold season our hair needs more nourishment and care than usual.
One of the best ways to take better care of the hair in winter is to implement a rich in ingredients nourishing hair mask, that can be easily prepared at home and be used once a week at a regular basis!

1/2 Avocado
2 tbsp. Olive Oil
1 tbsp. Honey and a very important special ingredient- JOJOBA OIL!

Smash the avocado and mix with the other ingredients. (The quantity can be adjusted depending on the hair length). Leave in the hair for 20 minutes

While the benefits of all the ingredients are widely known, I would like to draw a special attention to the benefits of Jojoba Oil.  The cold pressed oil from the Jojoba leaves is extremely rich in nutrients like Vitamin A, E and B and minerals and antioxidants like chronium, copper and zink and fatty acids which protect the skin. However the very special effect of the oil, is that it mimics the natural wax coating of the skin called sebum, which locks in moisture and keeps the skin looking healthy and hydrated. In that way, Jojoba oil is one of the top ingredients to use for skin and hair treatment! And you should definitely invest into a good bottle of that wonderful oil to always keep at hand in the bathroom.

Remember to use the mask regularly during the winter season and it will provide your hair with tons of softening and hydrating benefits in just 20 minutes!

"One of the best
ways to take better
care of the hair in
winter is to implement
a rich in ingredients
nourishing hair mask."

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