Dry Brushing

Why we should integrate it more often into our beauty routine

To feel good and comfortable in your own skin should be on everyone’s to do / be list. The dry brush is always a special highlight in my beauty cabinet. Several years ago I got the tip from a good friend who was completely enthusiastic about this simple and inconspicuous beauty tool.

  After all, the benefits are considerable:
- It helps to break down cellulite
- promotes blood circulation
- increases circulation and energy
- strengthens the immune system
- increases well-being
- supports detoxification
- stimulates lymphatic circulation
- activates the metabolism (also that of the skin)
- stimulates the body's own cell regeneration

When buying a dry brush, you should make sure that the bristles are made of natural fibers.

It is important to use it correctly, which is best integrated in the morning:
- 3-5 minutes are perfect to get the best result
- the pressure of the bristles on your skin must feel good and should not be uncomfortable
- massage in targeted, circular movements towards your heart. feel inside yourself, try to stimulate as many nerve pathways as possible
- start with parts of the body that are furthest from the heart and end your session with the upper body. Please don't forget to use on your feet, hands, groin and armpits
- at best, dry-brush directly before you shower or take a bath
- you can also use almond oil and massage into the skin. I use the dry brush completely clean and massage a rich oil into the skin after use

If you suffer from skin diseases, varicose veins, sunburn or an irritated nervous system, I advise against using it.