Face Cupping:

Will this anti-aging technique replace beauty interventions?

Facelift without scalpel: Face cupping promises smooth skin and toned contours - and all without surgical intervention. With the help of silicone cups and a good face cream, the procedure can be carried out as a weekly DIY facial treatment from home. How face cupping works, what effects it generates and what products are best to get optimal results are revealed here:

Face cupping promises
smooth skin and
toned contours
- and all without
surgical intervention.


What exactly is face cupping?

The name says it all: small, flexible silicone cups are used to create negative pressure on facial skin in a targeted manner. This stimulates blood circulation and cell metabolism, skin and muscles are stretched and massaged. The aim is to relieve tension and promote fluid and toxin removal. An added effect of this process is the reduction of swelling and visually firmer skin. The effects are quickly noticeable, especially around the cheeks. Cheekbones soon look more chiseled and defined.

How it works:

Before carrying out this anti-aging procedure, the skin should be extensively cleansed, i.e., freed of makeup or residue. Next, applying a generous lashing of face oil or cream to avoid possible pressure marks is highly recommended. Once the face has been moisturized, apply the face cup: Press the cup lightly on the top center of the forehead until a slight vacuum is felt and the skin is seen drawn up by the pressure. Now slowly and gently move the cup outwards over the skin towards the edge of the face. This movement stretches the facial muscles and repairs fine lines.

Little known fact: fine lines are not always a sign of aging, but often result from slack, underused muscles that are then resolved by face cupping. Once you have reached the edge of the face, repeat the process a little further down - again starting from the center of the face and working outwards. Work lightly and carefully around the eye area, as the skin here consists of fewer layers and, so, is much more sensitive. In total, the process takes about ten minutes from the face to the cleavage. 

Cupping two to three times a week to prevent signs of aging and relieve facial tension is recommended. If you wish to use face cupping primarily for anti-aging, you most definitely should use a moisturizer with anti-aging extracts. After all, it's a well-known fact that two is better than one.

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