Moisture for the skin

The Beauty Hour with Teena Tuning

Teena Denzinger alias Teena Tuning has been working as a beauty expert and make-up artist in Berlin for more than 22 years. In “The Beauty Hour” section, she answers questions from our community. Teena has been testing various possible products professionally and privately for years. Today’s topic moisturizing the skin.

“I tend to have very dry skin in the colder months. Which products do you recommend to optimally supply the skin with moisture?"

Especially in winter many suffer from the dry skin, because of dry heating being one of the factors. I have finally found my basics that I really swear by, in order to moisturize the skin well.

Peeling once a week is compulsory, especially in winter. This removes the dead skin. Personally, I think enzyme peels are great. It is both more effective and gentle. In addition, new inflammation caused by bacteria, which could be caused by spreading the peeling product on the face, is avoided.
The product "Renew Overnight" from Skin Ceuticals is great. I use it 2-3 times a week.

Retinol cream
I use the overnight enzyme peeling in alternation with a retinol cream. Retinol cream is still the best and most important anti-aging product. But not only that: it supports the structure of the skin, refines the pores and helps against acne. It also acts as a potent antioxidant against free radicals.
I always use the two products in the evening so that the skin can regenerate overnight.

During the day it is important to me to provide the skin with good moisture, so I use the Moisture Glow Serum from Babor or the Phytoactive Serum from Royal Ferm. Both products are moisturizing and not as greasy. But that can depend on the skin type. I actually prefer serums and don't use oils on the skin. They often feel too heavy.

Day Care
For day care I love tinted day creams. I recently discovered Estee Lauder's “daywear”. It is almost colorless and adapts perfectly to every skin tone after application. The tint is completely sufficient, because and with too much make-up, the skin usually only looks drier anyway. Therefore I would really only use the most necessary products here. And best of all: the cream is pure moisture.

Thermal Water
A thermal water spray / beauty mist is the last step in my moisturizing care routine in the morning and in the evening. In fact, I usually have one in my pocket, especially when traveling. Here I can warmly recommend Bioeffect. The water is a real freshness kick for the skin.

Face Masks
Face masks for the skin should be used as an add-on. You can really pamper yourself there. A clarifying mask or a moisturizing mask can be used entirely according to the skin's sensation. Invest more time for the skin-care procedures.

"And the most important tip: drink a lot - helps a lot!"