Natural Beauty Care: DIY coffee scrub

By Anaïs Eleni

Coffee is our daily elixir of life, which not only tastes good but also replenishes our morning energy reserves and gets us through the day with an extra burst of power. So far, so good. But coffee’s impact goes beyond the culinary and dynamic - coffee grounds are also quite wonderful as a face and body scrub! How this works and what benefits coffee scrub brings are revealed here!

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The relevance of scrubs
Scrubs are considered indispensable in skin care. By freeing the surface of the skin of dead cells, they promote rejuvenation by inducing new skin cell growth. Regular use of scrubs enables better absorption of moisturizer while enhancing the complexion. However, many conventional scrubs use artificial abrasive particles. Natural DIY scrubs, on the other hand, which - as in this case - use biodegradable materials, are not only more sustainable but also represent the purest form of natural skincare.

This is what makes coffee scrubs stand out:
Coffee scrub is head and shoulder above the rest. The caffeine in the coffee bean, which remains in freshly brewed coffee grounds, reveals its nutrient-specific effect when used as a scrub. After all, it shouldn’t come as a surprise since caffeine has been considered an all-around miracle cure for quite some time now. Coffee not only has an invigorating effect when drunk, it also stimulates blood circulation in the skin when applied externally and can have a firming effect when used regularly. This effect is noticeable in both facial and body scrubs. Thanks to caffeine, coffee grounds as a facial scrub counteract deep dark circles under the eyes, lending a freshness to the complexion. In addition, when used externally, caffeine helps to removed fluid from the body, which is why coffee scrubs also works wonders on puffiness. By the way, due to its circulation-enhancing and detoxifying properties, coffee grounds are also wonderfully suitable as a body scrub or cellulite wrap. 

And this is how it works:
Fresh coffee grounds is the basic ingredient. It doesn’t matter whether it’s ground espresso beans or French press powder. As a rule of thumb, the coarser the beans are grounded, the stronger the effect will be. This is, however, purely a matter of preference and not a question of efficacy. The important thing is the coffee grounds should be dried after use, as moist coffee grounds tend to turn moldy quickly. Once the coffee has dried, mix it with some liquid honey and olive oil in a jar or similar storage container. Blend well to obtain an even consistency. While the coffee grounds in this combination work to exfoliate and enhance the skin’s circulation, the honey has a soothing as well as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. The olive oil provides moisture to keep the skin from drying out. Coffee scrub with honey and olive oil is the ultimate beauty all-rounder – use it once or twice a week before showering.

"Scrubs promote
rejuvenation by
inducing new
skin cell growth."