Pearl powder

What is true about the beauty myth of pearl powder?

 "Pearl powder has
been used as a
healing and beauty
agent for several
thousand years." 

Pearl powder has been used as a healing and beauty agent for several thousand years. Especially In Japanese culture it is used to counteract the aging process. In curative medicine, pearl powder is often used for calcium deficiency. But what is so special about the pearl?  Pearl powder actually consists of up to 20 different essential amino acids and also contains important trace elements such as iron, selenium, zinc, calcium and magnesium.


The list of benefits is long and depends on the respective area of ​​application. Because pearl powder can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin: 

1. Apply to the skin/face

Pearl powder can be applied directly to the skin as a loose powder using a brush. it is also suitable as an additive in foundations or creams.
Effect: a smoother and matt skin with a slight sheen, refined pores and lines. It also prevents skin aging and blemishes. The pearl powder promotes cell renewal and regulates skin moisture. 

2. Oral ingestion

Daily intake: 1g pearl powder dissolved in a large glass of water. 
Effect: strengthens the immune system, contains a high calcium content, helps with sleep problems and inner restlessness, ensures stability and balance and also supports the body's metabolism.

Important: Pearl farming is not harmful to the environment.

Pay attention to the use of cultured pearls when buying. Such breeding farms are actually traded as model projects for environmental protection. The digestion of the algae (the main food source for oysters) binds and dissolves nitrogen. Pearl farming thus restores a natural balance in our ecosystem.