Perfect eyebrows with Kristie Streicher

As an eyebrow artist, Kristie Streicher is responsible for many eyebrow shapes in Hollywood and has almost become a star herself.

Her clients include Gwyneth Paltrow and Adele, who swear by Kristie's skills. She has been successfully operating her beauty salon “Striiike” with her two sisters in Beverly Hills since 2011. In 2014 they opened their second salon in New York. Each of the sisters has a different focus and so you can book a complete make-over with the Streicher sisters with hair, make-up and eyebrows. Unfortunately the service is not cheap. A 30 minute session of the current "feathered eyebrows" trend costs $225.

"­Kristie doesn't
wax the brows,
she plucks them

But what are feathered brows and what tips can Kristie tell us? Feathered Brows are natural eyebrows fanned out like feathers. 

The most important basic rule: Kristie doesn't wax the brows, she plucks them exclusively. Before deciding on the shape, Kristie recommends that the eyebrows grow for 1 year. You can make some corrections every 2 months, but you should leave the eyebrows to their natural growth pattern for the rest of the time. This is the only way for natural hair growth to pluck or wax again after years of use and you can see the full potential of the eyebrow.

One should not pluck hairs that look like stragglers, but better integrate them into the shape of the eyebrows. It can make a big difference, for example, if you brush your eyebrows up well. If you brush the hairs straight out or even down, they look very thin. 

For the perfect shape you take into account the well-tried 3 rules:

From the outer edge of your nostril to the outer corner of the eye: Your eyebrow should at least grow up to this point.

2. Perpendicular from the outer nostril past the inner corner of the eye: this is where your eyebrow should begin

3. The perfect arch: it should peak right above the outside edge of your iris, from the outer nostril over the middle of your pupil and up to your brow - there should be the highest point of the eyebrow.

All hairs outside the range can be plucked. For less irritation and pain, an oil can be massaged into the brows beforehand. When you have found the perfect shape, you invest in a good eyebrow pencil or a very fine eyeliner in the color of the brows. This fills in any gaps, but only after the eyebrows have been brushed up. You should make sure that you look closely at the direction of growth and draw individual lines like hairs. Thus you get a feathery look that is absolutely trendy right now. 

Last but not least, fix the brow with an eyebrow gel. Kristie would use a colorless one for this. If you are still unsure about your shape, you can send in photos of your brows for a fee via Kristie's website to get tips.

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