Top 3 Beauty Tools

The Beauty Hour with Teena Tuning

Teena Denzinger alias Teena Tuning has been working as a beauty expert and make-up artist in Berlin for more than 22 years. In “The Beauty Hour” section, she answers questions from our community. Teena has been testing various possible products, but also beauty tools professionally and privately for years. Today it's all about her top 3 favorites!

"Which 3 beauty tools do you recommend to optimally prepare the skin for further skin care procedures?"

A good preparation of the skin is essential so that the skin care products can be absorbed at all. Due to my job, I rarely manage to get beauty treatments and have therefore put together my own little home spa over the past few years.

"These are my top 3
tools that I use
once or twice a week."

1. Red light
I discovered the Radiance Red Light a few months ago and was able to achieve great results. The red color therapy provides concentrated, natural light for skin and cells, which stimulates collagen production and reduces wrinkles, scars and inflammation. This quickly results in a more even skin tone.

Place the device 10-15 cm away from yourself. You can use the light for up to 20 minutes. Since your cells can only absorb a certain amount of light, it is recommended to do the session for no longer than 20 minutes. Three smaller sessions between 10-15 minutes are more effective than one long session of 40-50 minutes.

2. Gold Beauty Bar
With my Gold Beauty Bar, I massage the skin in the direction of the desired lifting effect and the corresponding contouring. The built-in vibration technology and the stimulation of the muscle parts actually have a long-lasting lifting effect.
The skin appears more firm and revitalized. In the best case, you can apply your usual skin care product and massage it in with the tool.

3. Alternatively, the Jade Stone also works great with the Gua Sha massage.
To do this, the stone is pulled outwards and upwards from the center of the face with only very slight pressure. This stimulates the blood circulation in the face and the lymph flow – so toxins that have been accumulated under the skin can be better transported away. It also reduces the formation of various blackheads and skin blemishes.
In addition, morning swelling can be significantly minimized. After the massage, the skin shines and the facial features appear lifted.

The Gold Beauty Bar and the Jade Stone are great for keeping the lymph circulating, which among other things also has an anti-inflammatory effect. In winter you should do the massages regularly. Lymph drainage is very welcome here.