No puffiness, no dark circles!

Look fresh and alert with this natural DIY eye mask

I’m one of those people who tend to get dark circles, and the longer I spend in front of  the screen, the more intense my dark circles look the next day. Along with poor or insufficient sleep, my skin very quickly betrays the injustices done to it. So, it is especially important for me to keep up my self-care routine, take time for personal hygiene and pamper myself.

"In 10-15 minutes,
your eyes will look
bright and alert!"

I've tried out a number of DIY beauty masks and the best was a recipe using caffeine. It does wonders for my eyes.

Why caffeine?

Caffeine not only keeps you awake, it can also tighten your skin. With its antioxidant properties, caffeine combats skin aging. You’ll find it nowadays in many patches and eye creams. Caffeine constricts blood vessels and removes fluid from swollen areas, thus reducing puffiness and dark circles. At the same time, it stimulates cell regeneration and rejuvenation of the skin,


How the eye mask works

For 6-10 applications 


125 ml water
2 teabags of black tea high in caffeine
or 125 ml fresh brewed coffee
1-2 tsp potato starch


Let the black tea steep in 125 ml of water for 5 minutes. Pour the tea into a saucepan, or alternatively use 125 ml of freshly brewed coffee. Stir in the potato starch with a whisk and beat until there are no lumps left. Heat over low heat until tiny bubbles begin rising on the outer edge of the pan. Mix well and simmer until it reaches a jelly-like consistency. This should take no more than 5 minutes. Make sure to keep the heat on low.

Let cool completely. Spread the mask generously over the lower eye area. Leave on for at least 10 minutes. Peel or wash off with warm water.

Easy as pie! In 10-15 minutes, your eyes will look bright and alert, and your complexion fresh and healthy. Go on - give the mask a try. You’re worth it!