Yoga Practice for Face?

All about Face Yoga with Certified Coach & Cosmetologist Monna Cheikh

Yoga practice for face muscles? Sounds very unusual! The trend originated in Asia and has rapidly spread ever since.

Daily Face Yoga exercises help release tension in the muscles, increase blood flow, firm the skin and can be easily practiced at home!

We became very curious about it and caught up with certified Face Yoga coach and cosmetologist from sunny Muscat, Monna Cheikh to get to know all about it.

"Look at yourself
and embrace
your beauty,
uniqueness and
“flaws”no one is
and will never be

Dear Monna, as a certified Face Yoga coach, when and how did the journey of Face Yoga start for you? We would love to hear your story!
I have always been compelled to beauty care and got certified as cosmetologist in 2003. After spending too many years being busy with raising three kids and completing my Master’s Degree in International Business Communication and English Language, I suddenly realized that gravity took tall and even though I never had skin problems before, I noticed the changes.
So, I wanted to renew my love to self-care and beauty and started to look for natural alternatives. This is when I discovered Face Yoga in 2019 and was immediately hooked by the practice. Then I got certified in 2020 and my professional journey has begun.

What exactly is Face Yoga and what are its effects?  Why did you find it convincing? Please tell us a little more about it.
Face Yoga is a series of exercises that lift, tone, activate fascial muscles and help achieve a more youthful and glowing look. 
When I started out, I found it fascinating that it was possible to exercise face muscles just like muscles in the rest of the body. I always loved being active, especially running, so it made perfect sense to me that I could work on my face muscles as well.
Also, as I always took care of my skin on the outside with proper skincare routine and face massages, it was captivating and powerful to work on the inside as well.
As a result, I got addicted to Face Yoga and it has become part of my daily routine.

What is the best way to start practicing Face Yoga and where to begin?
It is best to select 3 basic poses in the beginning. These can be poses that target overall areas or bigger muscles and are not too complicated. Practice and get familiar with them, then add other exercises to build on top of that.

It seems like incorporating special face exercises can be very time consuming. How often should one practice Face Yoga? And how long does the daily routine need to be for best results?
For faster results it is best to practice Face Yoga twice a day – in the morning and evening. Morning exercises intend to wake up the face muscles. In the evening they help reset them.  However, while performing the poses, it is important to not overdo them.  In that sense less is more. As long as you practice on a regular basis, you will see the results over time!

What is your advice about implementing it in the most effective way?
It takes time, but you have to want it and prioritize your routine. It’s like when you start training in the gym because you want to change your lifestyle. The good thing about Face Yoga though, is that it is possible to implement poses while doing other things. Once you become familiar with it, you can also exercise while, for example, driving or walking. This helps keep the practice regular.

Does Face Yoga help substitute Botox and fillers?
If you do a consistent Face Yoga practice, you will be able to reduce and diminish fine lines and wrinkles. You can also plump up your cheeks etc.  However, of course we need to be realistic - Face Yoga cannot block nerve signals to muscles in the way Botox does. The goal of the practice is to work on the awareness instead.

You are a certified cosmetologist. What was the missing part cosmetology could not offer that Face Yoga did? Is it possible to achieve same results for radiant and beautiful skin with the help of cosmetic procedures only?
The objective of a cosmetologist is the work on the outside with means of various products, massages and skin treatments.
Face Yoga instead is the work on the inside – it tones and activates muscles. It also helps become aware of daily habits and facial expressions. In that way Face Yoga offers a more holistic approach and I found it magical and extremely effective to combine those too.

In your opinion, what are the building stones for healthy and flawless skin? What is crucial in helping prevent excess wrinkle formation and keep the skin elastic and toned? Give us your top 5!
First of all, it is awareness: a decent sun protection at all times. Then it is the balanced lifestyle including healthy eating, proper sleep, drinking enough water and abstinence from smoke.
It is also very important to select a proper skincare routine that fits your skin type and add regular face massages. And most importantly, all of that should be built on top of the main block - peace of mind and happiness.

If you could advice every woman to implement or do 3 things daily for keeping skin radiant and beautiful, what would they be?
1. Ice splashes in the morning.
2. Try to sleep on the back for a smoother skin (I still struggle with it).
3. Look at yourself and embrace your beauty,uniqueness and “flaws”no one is and will never be perfect!

And lastly, any special secret or advice concerning beauty and well-being that you would like to share?
When you are happy it shows. Don’t neglect yourself. Life can be hard, but 10, 15 min of selfcare a day can and will make a difference.

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"And most importantly,
all of that should
be built on top of the
main block - peace of
mind and happiness."