5 easy ways to add more movement to your life

Small changes have a way of making huge impact in the long run.

A sedentary lifestyle has long been recognized as one of the main causes of diseases and aging. The main guarantor of long-term change is not occasional workouts – but it’s lots of movement every day! It is so-o important! I work in the office and sit at my desk for almost 6 hours at a time, with a few breaks going the kitchen or the bathroom and back to the desk. I’ve found a few simple tricks to break up this ungodly routine and bring more movement to my life - also during working hours.

"Use your bicycle
whenever you can! 
It's worth
a try."

1. Start exercising

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, exercise is all the more important. Gym workouts take time and money. But there is a more affordable way to recharge your batteries, improve your mood and enhance your performance. We’re talking about 20 minutes of morning exercise. In addition to the stuff you have heard, did you know it helps normalize blood pressure, strengthen the immune system and speed up metabolism? According to a number of studies, people who work out in the morning lose weight faster than those who exercise after 3 p.m. Such people are also more active in the course of the day.

Moreover, moderate physical activity for 30 minutes a day significantly reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. If you have less than 15 minutes to spare, you should take a look at Tabata.

2. Park a ways from home

If you don't have enough time to exercise, try to get in several 5-minute walks throughout the day. For example, walk to the subway station or cycle to work. If you can’t do without a car, from now on, start parking at the farthest end of the parking lot or a couple of streets over. Short walks, spread out throughout the day, improve mood, reduce fatigue and suppress appetite. In addition, a five-minute walk to the car or around the office allows you to soak in the sun and get fresh air, experience what the changing seasons have to offer. 

And this is beneficial not only for physical health, but also for the psyche. Walking a mere five minutes, for instance, can reduce anxiety and depression symptoms.

3. Set a reminder

Sitting in an office chair for seven to eight hours straight a day should be avoided at all cost. The same counts for putting around the home for an entire day or week. Stagnation sets in the body, while muscles and blood vessels spasm. 

In addition, our posture deteriorates, headaches and joint pains appear. Setting an alarm on your computer or phone will help you fight sedentism. Set the clock to ring every hour as a reminder to stretch the muscles. It's an easy and effective way to recharge your batteries while working. By the way, if a timer or alarm on your phone is not your thing, try a fitness tracker instead. Even the budget models have a reminder function.

4. Forget the elevator

If you don’t happen to live or work on the 10th or 15th floor, then use the stairs instead of the elevator. It’s a very good alternative and regular opportunity for physical activity. Remember, it’s great exercise for the legs and booty. 

5. Get on a bike

Use your bicycle whenever you can!  It's worth a try – and you might even end up liking it. You might, at first, only use your bike in good weather. But because it’s so much fun, you may find yourself developing a hankering for it and forgoing public transport or the car. It is nice on the piggybank and for your health and the environment! From little acorns big trees grow. Small changes have a way of making huge impact in the long run. Keep in mind your own abilities and the fact that some activities are very easy to integrate into everyday life.

do anything for 14 days
and it begins
a habit."

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