Barre Workout

The fitness trend from the USA promises a well defined body of a ballet dancer.

I actually managed to try out the persistent fitness trend in 2020. Sports have to enfold me for months (ok, sometimes years) before I pay attention to them. The reason is that I like to be active, but gyms tend to scare me off. After reading the trend sport in more and more magazines and now almost every studio promoting it, I am ready to face the workout.
Right at the turn of the year, of course, you want to start the new year with good intentions.

Barre workouts are hard to imagine. Many stars swear by the training mix of cardio, dance, Pilates and yoga exercises. But why is the workout so popular. Especially because you can see the first results after just a few hours of training. The workout promises to tighten the entire body and get it back in shape. Thanks to the powerful exercises, posture is also worked on. Just like a ballet dancer, because the core elements of the workout are classic ballet figures. The barre serves as support during the entire training and stabilizes the posture and the body. You don't need much for a training session. It is best to train barefoot or with non-slip ballet shoes. I choose the latter because I can`t do without shoes. If you want to intensify individual exercises, add gymnastic balls and a therapy band.

During the workout, tact and coordination are trained. 1 hour of barre workout takes the whole body and focus, but it's worth it. After initial difficulties in performing the exercises correctly and keeping up at all, after 5 weeks I feel much fitter, more elastic, more balanced and clearly recognize the firmer parts of the body, thanks to the intensive training. I have now leveled myself to a workout once a week, which is sufficient for me and not stingy with the effect. What I particularly like about the Barre Workout is that all parts of the body are trained equally. The muscles are given a long, lean definition and posture is also trained. Even if I don't like working out in studios, going to a gym for the barre workout really makes sense. The look in the mirror in front of the bar not only motivates, it also makes your own attitude more precise. The trainer corrects the hour so that the exercises are carried out correctly.
Ask the trainer beforehand whether the workout is also suitable for you, in case of knee problems or other physical complaints, this workout is not recommended.

"All parts of
the body are
trained equally."