Bodyweight Training - the most important benefits

How to get great results with the weight of your own body

Health and fitness are the desire of many, but they often lack the time to achieve them. Just going to the local gym (which is proving difficult at the moment due to the pandemic) can turn out to be a challenge on your time. So, it makes sense to do workouts at home using your own body weight. This is not only much easier to fit into a hectic schedule but has other advantages worth considering.

"the interactions
between muscles,
brain and nerves
will be optimized."

What is bodyweight training?

It is a workout that uses the weight of the body as counter resistance. You don't need free weights or gym machines to get results. Your body alone is perfectly sufficient. Whether you are outdoor, in the office or at home, this workout can be done anywhere, which gives us the freedom to decide where we want to work out. The typical bodyweight workout consists of repetitive exercise combinations that many are surely familiar with: jump squats, burpees, mountain climbers and pushups, just to name a few. 

What are the benefits of bodyweight?

1. Enhances coordination

Good technical quality and body awareness are keys to proper execution. Knowing your body well is the basis. This is the starting point of your development and transformation into a fitter you. Unlike many other sports activities, bodyweight workouts improve coordination by using several muscles at the same time. Cooperation between individual muscle groups is significantly improved while interactions between muscles, brain and nerves are optimized. 

2. Reduces risk of injury

Bodyweight training is effective in preventing injuries by giving the body more stability, thanks to exercises that target the back and core. In addition, you also gain greater flexibility. This is in contrast to working out on machines, where there is a much higher risk of injury. 

3. Increases resistance

All exercises that use the weight of the body itself are resistance exercises. In bodyweight workouts, strength increases gradually. It is normal to find yourself out of breath after a series of 10 push-ups, but keep at it and you’ll be doing 30 push-ups easy. In bodyweight training, regular practice improves your total fitness. As the saying goes: practice makes perfect! 

4. Stimulates strength

Most bodyweight workouts are classified as closed kinetic chain (CKC) exercises. These are exercises where a body part (e.g., hand, foot) is fixed to an object (generally the floor or a wall), so that movement at any one point in the kinetic chain causes other joints in the chain to move, thereby simultaneously giving multiple areas of the body strength training. While the exercises performed on gym equipment are an open kinetic chain (for example, pulling a weight) and, as such, are less effective. 

5. Burns fat

These exercises are intense and varied, and for this reason consume a high rate of calories. For this reason, bodyweight workouts increase lean mass while decreasing fat mass. Bodyweight workouts can be done virtually anywhere. In other words, you can do them at home or on the go. Improvise on stairs, chairs and benches!

Find out what works best for you. Be sure to adjust the exercises to your fitness level. I contacted a personal trainer a few months ago who, after an initial consultation and reviewing my current fitness level, designed a monthly plan to help me achieve the ideal result.

I work out 3-4 times a week for 30-60 minutes from home using a wide variety of exercises. My focus is entirely on the exercises and my body, which makes the workouts much more intense. Within a few weeks, I could see and feel my body getting fitter, firmer and more energetic. In addition to the energy boost and the better shape, the increased level of endorphins (happy hormones) keeps my mood up.  

"So, just do it
– you’re worth it!"