Lose Weight and Shape Up by Exercising 4 Minutes a Day

Get your dream body in just a few minutes with Tabata

It gets harder and harder to find time for regular gym workouts. My last session was almost 5 years ago! At that time, I was highly incenti (though that motivation lasted all of 3 months). Then came two weeks of an amazing vacation and all of it went out the window! You know how it goes – once you have lost the rhythm, it’s difficult to get it back. And to be honest, whenever I was in the gym I felt like I was on display anyway. So, to get back on track, an alternative had to be found.

In essence, my workouts needed to be brief (Time is something I never have enough of.) and I want to remain incognito during the workout. Well, I found all that in Tabata.

"Tabata is a
interval training
method, invented
by the Japanese
Dr. Izumi Tabata."

Tabata is based on a time interval method. The idea is to do each set at maximum effort for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Eight sets fit into four minutes(!) – fits my needs to a tee.

A workout can include one or more exercises. So, what exactly does this short workout offer?

A perfect way to lose those extra kilos 

The University of Wisconsin La Crosse Study found that Tabata induces the burning of 15 calories a minute for both men and women – which is an excellent way for anyone looking to trim down. For comparison: 1 minute of quiet running burns on average 9 calories.

In addition, when you push yourself even for a short period of time - metabolism accelerates. Studies have also found that after a 4-minute Tabata of squats with jumping jacks, the metabolic rate doubles and remains so for at least 30 minutes. 

Simply speaking, Tabata helps to get rid of extra weight, increases endurance and tones body muscles.

How to do a Tabata workout:
For the workout to be effective, a few rules must be followed:

1. Warm up: Do some cardio exercises at medium intensity: jumping jacks, running in place, arm rotations or bends. 

2. Give it all! Do 20 seconds of exercise at maximum effort. Keep in mind that Tabata workouts require rapid movement. 

3. Keep track of time intervals: perform one exercise for 20 seconds at high intensity and then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat this pattern for eight sets. 

What exercises to do? 

Many different types of exercise can be performed with the Tabata protocol. Some classic options are:

- sprint
- cycling
- jumping rope
- burpee
- push ups
- lunges
- squats

You can do the Tabata workout using almost any exercise. Make sure to perform them at high intensity and at correct intervals. 

You can choose to do one exercise during the short workout or combine several exercises. 

"A perfect way
to lose those
extra kilos."