6 spices and their benefits

These 6 spices are especially popular in the cold season

Whether in teas or in recipes, these spices not only lend a special note but also have great benefits to our health.

1. Anise - seeds are also known as sweet caraway seeds. The liquorice-like taste is mainly used to enhance the flavor of pastries and desserts. 
Benefit: prevents flatulence, abdominal pain and cough

2. Cloves - are obtained from the flower buds of the clove tree. Because of their slightly sweet spicy aroma, they are often used in chai teas, as well as gingerbreads, soups and sauces. 
Benefit:  Cloves contain essential oils that have an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, digestive, and appetizing-enhancing effect on the body.

3. Ceylon cinnamon - is one of the oldest spices in the world. The delicately sweet, mild spice is ideal for pastries, tea and desserts. 
Benefit: Ceylon cinnamon helps with bloating and flatulence and contains many antioxidants as well as has a positive effect on the immune system. 

4. Cardamom - belongs to the ginger family and is among the top 3 most expensive spices worldwide. The sweet, peppery taste can often be found in pastries, teas and dishes like curry. 
Benefit: Cardamom helps with a bad stomach and promotes digestion. In addition, the spice is effective against bad breath. 

5. Nutmeg - with its sweet, spicy, sometimes mildly bitter taste, it is used for both hot and cold foods. I like to season potato dishes with nutmeg. 
Benefit: Nutmeg strengthens the stomach, supports the liver in detoxification and stimulates digestion. Grated fresh to better spread its active ingredients.
Tip: it also helps with sleep disorders.

6. Ginger - is a real miracle cure. Sliced ​​and brewed in hot water, ginger tea’s unique taste is thanks to its spiciness. It warms the body from inside out. Ginger is also popular in main courses like curry, as well as pastries and desserts. 
Benefit: This miracle root is highly versatile: it promotes digestion, prevents flatulence, strengthens the immune system, guards against nausea and has an anti-inflammatory effect.