Acidic or alkaline?
 It’s all about striking the right balance.

5 tips for deacidifying your body with health expert Mira Flatt of fayo.

by Mira Flatt

We've all heard it before, but what exactly is this acid-alkaline balance again? Stress, anxiety, worries, shallow breathing, inadequate or excessive exercise and the wrong diet can all cause the body to go into acid overdrive. The question is how can we help our bodies get rid of unhealthy excess acid?

"To maintain an
acid-alkaline balance,
it's important to
incorporate regular
exercise into your
daily routine."

Acid-alkaline balance refers to our body’s pH level. We are continuously both acidic and alkaline. It only becomes problematic when an imbalance occurs and the body is too acidic or under-alkaline. In order to function optimally, every part of our system is designed for a certain pH value. On the pH scale 0 is extreme acidic while 14 is extreme alkaline. If there is an imbalance in the body, it will significantly impact on our well-being. Among many important processes, the transport of nutrients and our hormonal balance are affected by hyperacidity.

1.Whole-food plant-based diet

"You are what you eat" - what we put into our mouths is metabolized in the body either as acidic or alkaline. Although you’ll be surprised that a lemon may taste sour but is metabolized by the body as alkaline. Generally speaking, alkaline foods are fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, salads, sprouts, whole grain rice and certain nuts. Strong acid producers are, above all, animal products like meat, fish and cheese, while sugar, white flour products, coffee and alcohol are also culprits. Vegetable protein sources, such as grains and legumes, are, on the other hand, considered "healthy" acid producers as they ensure a healthy microbiome.


2. Breathe correctly

Through exhalation we excrete acids in the form of carbon dioxide, while inhalation supplies our cells with fresh oxygen. Shallow and unconscious breathing impacts critically on our body’s acid-alkaline balance. From now on, make sure to breathe plenty of fresh air and inhale and exhale deeply. If you practice yoga, you will know the difference. Go into yourself and create space for your inner balance on all levels.

3. Fascia roll massage

Using fascia rolls, we move intercellular fluids and get rid of the fascia-neutralized acids deposited inside the connective tissues. It is these acids that cause tension in muscles and fascia built-up. In order to loosen these over-acidified muscles – which includes sore muscles - and improve blood flow in the connective tissues, a massage using a fascia roller is recommended. By rolling the individual muscles and the connective tissues, waste products are transported through the lymphatic channels and disposed of, while intercellular fluid and the body are enhanced through deacidification.

4. Anti-stress routines

Among many other negative effects of chronic stress, stress hormones, in particular, cause our metabolism to go out of balance. Since the organs of detoxification also suffer from constant stress, we often experience it as poor digestion, extreme fatigue and abnormal complexion. The logical consequence would be stress reduction and ample sleep since they are integral to the body's regenerative processes. Mini time-outs during the day is another solution. Open the window and take a deep breath, treat yourself to a few minutes of your favorite music and allow yourself to pursue the things that excite you. Do this often!

5. Fascia Yoga

To maintain an acid-alkaline balance, it's important to incorporate regular exercise into your daily routine. Daily yoga helps to activate and maintain communication with your “inner doctor.” That's because yoga is much more than a physical practice. Through yoga, you have the chance to learn the language of your body. The special thing about fascia yoga is its effectiveness in the deep tissues where emotional tensions and blockages are often stored, which, in turn, disrupts the body’s homeostasis. Make sure you eat an alkaline diet during trying times or as a booster for your health. The vital nutrients will also support your inner balance.
Here's one of my favorite recipes, and besides they’re so quick and easy to prepare!

Alkalinizing cream of asparagus soup
For neutralizing excess acid!

Serves 4

500 g white asparagus
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
2 tablespoons olive oil
750 ml vegetable broth
250 ml Soya Cuisine (or other vegetarian alternatives to cream)
fresh dill
juice of 1/2 lemon

Peel the asparagus and cut into pieces, peel the onion and garlic and chop into small cubes, finely chop the dill. Heat the oil in a saucepan and add the onion and garlic. Sauté for 3 minutes and add the asparagus, deglaze pan with the vegetable broth and simmer 10 minutes, add lemon juice, Soya Cuisine and dill and simmer for another 5 minutes.

"Stress hormones,
in particular,
cause our
metabolism to
go out of balance."