Activated Charcoal

What the Miracle Cure is Capable Of!

You surely used to always have it in the first aid kit at home while growing up! And probably you were advised to take it after first hangovers! Do you already know what we are talking about
Yes! The all-known and a little bit forgotten activated charcoal!

It is one of the most famous remedies used since ancient times. For a very long time activated charcoal is considered to be a very universal antidote. This article is here to remind you on why you should restock on it and always keep at hand in your home drawers.
We remind you why you should stock up on it and always keep in the drawers.
Activated charcoal is a product of burning coconut shells, olive pits, bamboo, coal, petroleum coke or sawdust. 
And….it is truly multipurpose!
The secret is that the porous structure of the charcoal makes it very adsorbent, giving it a toxin-clearing property.  That is why it is so famous for its hangover cure effect. 

"Activated charcoal 
is one of the most
famous remedies
used since ancient times."

Ways to apply:

Body Detox!

The porous structure of activated charcoal allows it to trap toxins and chemicals in the body, causing them to flush out, preventing their absorption. And a preventive toxin cleanse once in a while is SO important! Pesticides in our foods, chemicals in the water and environmental factors create a toxic weight in our bodies.
Hot to use:
It is recommended to take approx. 10 grams of activated charcoal one hour prior to each meal for two days.  Especially during that time try to eat only organically produced food and drink a lot of warm water with lemon to prevent constipation.


Activated Charcoal helps improve the kidney function and reduce cholesterol levels
In the same manner as with the digestive cleanse, activated charcoal may help improve kidney function by reducing the number of waste products that kidneys have to filter. 
Also for people with higher cholesterol levels, activated charcoal may be very useful, as it binds cholesterol in the gut also preventing their absorption.

Reduction of Bloating and Gas
Activated charcoal can trap gas molecules and in that way alp relief gas bloating and digestive discomfort.

You can use it for skin treatment
Activated charcoal binds with environmental toxins and dirt and is therefore great to use for external cleansing treatments for the skin.
How to apply:
You can mix it with aloe vera gel or a spoon of honey and coconut oil to apply as a mask for a nice cleansing effect.

Don’t forget about the teeth whitening effect!
You most probably know that charcoal is also popular to naturally whiten teeth. It is able to remove surface stains from the teeth, by absorbing plaque and microscopic tidbits.
How to apply:
Just add some of the charcoal to the toothpaste or mix a little bit with water to use plainly to brush the teeth.

Last but not least – activated charcoal helps filter water
In Japan, activated charcoal sticks have been used to purify water since the 17th century. The porous surface attracts contaminants found in tap water and are held in by carbon.  It is also one of the most effective ways of removing impurities such as chlorine, which is commonly found in tap water.
As well as filtering the water, activated charcoal also infuses it with minerals.
This is how much an all-purpose product can do!
You can find activated charcoal sticks in our shop, and integrate them into your everyday life!

"As well as filtering the water, activated
charcoal also infuses it with minerals"

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