Ayurvedic metabolism booster

This "magic potion" boosts your digestion, gets the circulation going and strengthens the immune system.

By Sophie Kahofer

You have probably experienced this too - there are days when you feel enervated, can’t get out of bed or just don’t feel yourself. This is exactly when this Ayurvedic magic potion comes in to save the day. You might have already heard something about honey-lemon water in Ayurveda. This "magic potion" boosts your digestion, gets the circulation going and strengthens the immune system. In addition, honey-lemon water is a popular home remedy for constipation and hyperacidity. If you’re battling a weight issue, it is an ideal way to fast without loss of energy.

magic potion."

What you need:

– Juice of 1/2 organic lemon (the juice of an entire lemon is perfectly fine if it's not too acidic for you)
– 1 tsp organic blossom honey
– 1 glass of lukewarm spring water (alternatively, you can use regular lukewarm tap water)

Add the lemon juice and honey into the water and stir. Make sure the water is under 40 degrees to ensure none of the honey’s precious nutrients are destroyed. 

Lemon is rich in antioxidants that reduce free radical damage, thereby delaying the aging process, preventing inflammation and vascular calcification. It boosts cellular respiration and generates energy, which in turn reduces body fat production. Lemon juice enhances hormonal balance, normalizes intestinal flora; its antiviral and antibacterial effects help tighten connective tissue and aid digestion.

Honey contains calcium, iron, magnesium and sodium, all of which contribute to improved skin elasticity and tone. It promotes blood formation and healthy intestinal flora, has an antibacterial effect, supports digestion and bowel emptying.

Even if you do not suffer from constipation, hyperacidity or obesity, drinking this potion now and then in the morning on an empty stomach will help boost metabolism. I, myself, drink the honey-lemon concoction whenever I notice a cold coming on to support my immune system and fight the infection.