How Blueberries Enhance Men’s Sexual Health

In case your fridge is not packed with blueberries – this will definitely change after you read this article. You most probably know that blueberries are amazing superfoods, but did you also know about their benefits in the bedroom? ;)

a balanced diet 
and plenty of blueberries
will ensure a sense
of well-being and
enhance pleasure
in the bedroom."

While chocolate and oysters are the best-known aphrodisiacs, a new study suggests that blueberries can actually improve men´s sexual health.  Substances in blueberries relax blood vessels and provide better circulation. Blueberries are packed with loads of soluble fiber, and while it does not sound very sexy, soluble fiber enables excess cholesterol to be removed from the circulatory system.  And as we know, the key to an erection is good blood flow. 

Blueberries contain a high number of antioxidants that keep you youthful and energized. These little micronutrient-rich power bombs will keep you in the mood for love and enhance the pleasures of romance.  Erectile dysfunction is a highly prevailing disorder worldwide. Researchers found that foods rich in flavonoids (nutrients that give fruits and vegetables their color) are linked to lower risk of erectile dysfunction. Blueberries are especially rich in flavonoids.

In a 10-year study by Harvard University involving 25,000 men, researchers found that men who ate flavonoid-rich foods had lower risk of erectile dysfunction than those who didn’t eat as much. The effect was particularly strong among those under 70 years of age.

How much blueberries does one have to eat to reap the benefits?

According to research, a few servings a week is all it takes. Though it is important to note that the study also found an association between health maintenance and men´s sexual health. Some of the risk factors leading to the dysfunction are lack of physical activity, poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption. All these metabolic conditions are strongly linked to a pro-inflammatory state which, in turn, causes deterioration of one’s health. 

In a nutshell, exercise, a balanced diet and plenty of blueberries will ensure a sense of well-being and enhance pleasure in the bedroom.

who consumed
flavonoid-rich foods,
like blueberries,
several times a week
experienced a reduction
in erectile dysfunction by 9-11%.