How can I do without refined sugar?

Are you one of those who love unhealthy sweets? Then you are exactly right here!

Let's be honest. Don't we all love these Twix, Duplos and M & Ms of this world?

When I realized how unhealthy industrial sugar is for my health, I knew that the path to a healthier life would not be easy. I love chocolate with everything that goes with it. It used to be no problem for me to eat a bar of chocolate one evening. But too much sugar is not only bad for our health. Sugar is also high in calories and does not give you a feeling of fullness. So you usually eat more than you actually want.

How do I change my diet without getting cravings or airs?   

"The more natural
the product
without unnecessary
Additives the better."

First of all, you should carefully consider where sugar is actually found in food. My first tour of the supermarket revealed to me that almost all the products I liked to eat contained sugar. Even in my supposedly healthy bread. It’s surprising to know in which food sugar is used and also that consumers have no knowledge of it. So I had to remove a lot of food from my life and replace it with others.

My healthy and above all natural alternatives to industrial sugar are: maple syrup, date syrup and coconut blossom sugar. These score above all with the minerals they contain, such as iron, calcium and zinc and are also comparatively low in calories. Date syrup is said to have an antibacterial effect even faster than Manuka honey. The good thing about this project is that you are intensely concerned with your diet, with every single product that you use to regularly nourish your body. One rule has proven itself during this time: long lists of ingredients hardly make it into my shopping cart. The more natural the product without unnecessary additives, the better.

Date syrup, coconut blossom sugar and maple syrup move into my home. If I now prepare dishes in the kitchen, I experiment with the natural types of sugar and tend to take half less than industrial sugar. It's good to feel around and get a feel for how much sugar you actually need in your life. I replace chocolate with dark chocolate with a high cocoa content or just make it myself.

Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Most tend to start the day far too sweetly, so I create a new ritual that replaces the following old one: croissants with jam. Let's face it, man is a creature of habit. If we try to say goodbye to a habit, we will be more successful if we create a new one. My new one is called: Porridge and that in all (also sweet) versions. The porridge is a nutrient bomb and not only makes you full for a long time, but can also be upgraded with toppings. My favorite: porridge with cocoa nibs, banana slices, maple syrup and garnished with some homemade granola.

Now all you have to do is stay tuned. I became weak again after 1 year and picked up a candy at the kiosk. The fault was due to a train cancellation and no tangible, healthy snack anywhere. I grimaced after the first bite. My favorite bar from that time no longer tasted good to me. It was too sweet!