Infused Water

Infused with health benefits!

Two to three liters of water are recommended daily to provide your body with sufficient fluids. After all, our body is 50-70 percent water. If we do not continuously replenish our water supply, certain processes and bodily functions will deteriorate, which then has a negative impact on our health.

"The solution
is easy:
Infused Water!"

There are some who find plain water boring and difficult to gulp down. A simple solution is to drink infused water. Infused water possesses two advantages:

1. It gives the water a delectable taste. Depending on your palate, you have the choice between herbal, spicy, veggie and fruity
2. The fresh ingredients add essential nutrients

Easy preparation:

1. Select your favorite vegetables and/or fruits, wash thoroughly, cut into small pieces and place them in a large glass jar
2. Use a wooden spoon to crush the ingredients gently
3. Add spices and/or herbs. Crushing the leaves help release essential oils
4. Fill the jar glass with water and stir the contents with the wooden spoon. Voila! Your infused water is now ready to drink

Try-and-true combinations: 

grapefruit, pomegranate, mint
grapefruit, cucumber, mint, lemon
mint, lime, ginger
blueberries, rosemary, lemon
watermelon, basil
lemon, thyme
lavender, lemon
kiwi, strawberries, basil
blackberry, orange, ginger


Energy boosting
Mood enhancing 
Immune strengthening
Free-radical fighting