Just add fiber!

Amazon benefits of soluble fiber

There is one super easy and powerful way to improve your digestion. And this is FIBER.

Fiber is one
of the keys
to a healthy gut
and it is a natural sorbent

Fiber is a carbohydrate that the human body can’t digest. It does, however, one very important thing – it feeds your gut’s microflora, which is essential to the proper functioning of the digestive system.Fiber reduces hunger, which then helps prevent overeating and support weight control.

Soluble dietary fiber regulates blood sugar and cholesterol levels, while insoluble fiber cleanses the body and detoxifies. And this is only some of the many beneficial properties of fiber.

The vast majority of us do not consume the daily recommended amount of fiber. The daily norm for an adult is 30-40g.

I was shocked to learn that I didn’t consume enough fiber, even though I ate a big green salad and all sorts of fresh fruits and berries every day. To fulfill recommended amount of fiber would require about 3 green salads, 150 grams per day. I think many of you would agree that on most days this much is pretty difficult to tuck in. However, there is an amazing solution to the rescue - natural soluble fiber in powder

In an experiment, a group of people was put on a fast-food diet with very low fiber content. Researchers observed how the number of beneficial bacteria sharply declined while pathogenic bacteria took over. Along with changes to the microbiome, patients experienced extreme fatigue and malfunction of their digestion. After restoring them to a nutritious diet and adding fiber, they quickly recovered.

So, what’s the best way to up your soluble fiber intake?

Dilute 2-3 tablespoons of powdered fiber in a glass of warm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning. There are many different types of fiber – psyllium husks, inulin, acacia fiber etc. Any one will work. Over time, you’ll find it hard to imagine a morning without a glass of warm fiber-infused water. And for an even greater effect on your looks, add collagen. 

It’s best to drink fiber on a regular basis. However, make sure you include enough fresh greens in your diet too. You’ll be astonished how quickly your digestion improves. 

Make this the basis of a healthy diet!