Natural waker-uppers: These 5 foods help fight fatigue

Our diet is our daily source of energy and the basis of our health. Depending on what we take in and the quantity, we can influence our body and mind positively or, conversely, negatively with our diet.

"With our diet we can influence our body and mind positively or negatively"

For people who constantly experience fatigue and exhaustion despite sufficient sleep - these may be symptoms of nutrient deficit. A diet that is rich in fresh and health-promoting foods can help prevent fatigue, while processed foods often exacerbate the lack of energy. Here are some natural foods and drinks best for boosting your energy level:

1. Matcha
While people often turn to coffee to fight off morning drowsiness or that midday slump, green tea has been scientifically proven to have a longer lasting effect against exhaustion. What’s more - it is kinder to the stomach. Matcha’s super power comes from the way the tea leaves are cultivated so that they contain up to five times the theine of common green tea. There is, actually, no difference between theine and caffeine, as this is the same molecule. What sets them apart is the difference in absorption. Theine is released much more slowly into the blood. What this means is matcha enhances concentration and focus gradually and sustains them over a long period – whereas caffeine causes spikes and crashes.

2. Avocado
The avocado is a fruit rich in healthy fats along with a variety of minerals and vitamins. It is a generous energy supplier that invigorates the mind and body and counteracts exhaustion. This is because while it is high in unsaturated fatty acids with a fat content of over 75%, it has absolutely no cholesterol and very little carbohydrate. In brief, the avocado is an important energy supplier of healthy fats - but without the tiring effect that high-carb foods induces through increased insulin production, and helps rev up serotonin production.

Ginger is a true all-rounder and has a number of beneficial effects on the human body. Particularly noteworthy is the stimulation of the circulatory system and enhancement of the immune system. The tuber acts as natural stimulant - without caffeine or thenine. The pungent substances contained within invigorate the body by stimulating blood circulation and thereby enhancing the circulatory system. Moreover, ginger contains vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus – an ideal addition to the morning juice or brewed as a tea at lunchtime.

4. Bananas
Bananas contain a combination of potassium, fiber and carbohydrates and so are an ideal source of energy. According to a study by David Niemand et. al. (DOI: 10.1371), trained cyclists who ate bananas performed as well as those who consumed supplement-enriched sports drinks over a distance of 47 miles. The researchers concluded that bananas serve as a highly effective source of energy, especially before and during long training sessions. 

5. Almondsand nuts
Whether it is almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts, they all have a stimulating effect. This is attributed to the inherent fats, fiber and protein that provide a feeling of satiety while stimulating concentration. They're ideal for boosting your energy level - especially when the afternoon slump strikes and you're hankering for a healthy snack!

"Our diet is our daily source of energy"