Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Is it really good for our bodies?

The search for substances that enrich our diet is constant. There are no magic cures, but there are foods and recipes that can really help our health, such as organic apple cider vinegar.

Organic apple cider vinegar is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It offers numerous health benefits, largely due to its immune system strengthening and antibacterial properties.

benefits for our body, 
our health,
and our external appearance.

I discovered organic apple cider vinegar a long time ago and am very enthusiastic not only about the benefits for our body and our health, but also our external appearance. Here are my TOP 5 TIPS:

1- Organic apple cider vinegar can help with weight loss

One of the main benefits of organic apple cider vinegar is its ability to reduce sugar absorption. This is because it is rich in acetic acid, which inhibits the action of various enzymes while digesting carbohydrates and sugars. This effect in combination with foods that promote a better feeling of satiety makes the body feel less hungry.

The process helps to reduce the accumulation of fat in the body, which leads to weight loss.

2- Improves digestion

Since vinegar inhibits the action of various enzymes and possesses an antibacterial effect, it contributes directly to the digestion of food and accelerates gastric emptying. In fact, this process has a cleansing effect on the small intestine as organic apple cider vinegar also ensures a good balance of gut flora and prevents harmful bacteria from spreading. Moreover, organic apple cider vinegar also helps keep the acid-alkaline balance in check, particularly preventing over-acidification.

Nowadays, a large glass of lukewarm water with 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar is part of my daily morning routine, which has an enormous effect on my body. Today I rarely ever suffer from bloating or heartburn, and daily gut cleansing has improved my complexion. What many people do not know is: skin impurities are largely related to our intestines, and here we come straight to the next benefit:

3- Good for skin health

Organic apple cider vinegar is a source of antioxidants - substances that inhibit free radicals and fight aging. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent acne and other inflammations from occurring on the skin. It helps unclog pores, reduces oiliness and prevents formation of blackheads. In addition to ingesting organic apple cider vinegar, you can use it to make an effective facial toner:

My personal beauty tip: Easy to make organic apple cider vinegar facial tonic!

Mix 1 tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar with 2 glasses of water and store in a jar. Apply evenly to the face with a cotton pad.

Never use pure vinegar - always dilute it. If kept in the refrigerator, this tonic will last a long time, since the vinegar itself has a preservative effect. As soon as I feel my skin is clogged or somewhat off-balance, I use this tonic and notice a rapid improvement.

4- Has antibiotic effects

Many do not know but organic apple cider vinegar has antibiotic properties and helps with diarrhea and stomach infections, and cystitis, for example. Vinegar has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects, which also helps fight fungal infections.

5- Protects the liver

The benefits mentioned above comes from the malic, lactic, and citric acids found in organic apple cider vinegar. These acids prepare the liver to better deal with toxins, which, in turn, helps the body get rid of them faster and easier. It is advisable not to consume more than two tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar a day, as it can lead to stomach irritation.

In my daily routine, I use a maximum of one tablespoon which is definitely enough to bring on small miracles!

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