That's why we love kombucha!

A fermented drink with beneficial effects

Hardly any other drink is as popular as kombucha is today, whose originates is traced back to East Asia. This refreshingly sweet and tart beverage is popular not only for its unique taste, but also because of its health-promoting qualities.

"Naturally produced kombucha contains numerous bio-active ingredients"

What’s in kombucha?
Kombucha is a fermented drink prepared with sweetened herbal, green or black tea. It contains probiotic bacteria and yeast cultures that form the kombucha fungus. This is what gives the tea its beneficial effects. The process of fermentation produces carbon dioxide, acetic and lactic acids, and alcohol. In addition, kombucha drinks contain a certain amount of sugar (depending on preparation and fermentation), though usually a little less than conventional sodas (under 10%). Every kombucha tea will taste a little different, due to length of fermentation and ingredients. These determine whether the drink will taste sweeter or more tart - and what nutrients the product will ultimately hold. Naturally produced kombucha contains numerous bio-active ingredients that enhance the metabolism and immune system.

These include vitamins, trace elements, minerals, yeasts, bacteria, organic acids and various enzymes. Kombucha is particularly rich in vitamin B; the bacterial cultures produce organic acids and B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and B12), which are essential for our immune system and digestion. We will reveal here what positive and health-promoting effects kombucha has thanks to its wide range of nutrients:

1. Kombucha supports digestion
Due to the bacteria and yeast cultures, kombucha contains living microorganisms that aid human digestion. In addition, the drink contains organic acids - such as lactic and acetic acids - which can colonize the intestines to support the digestive process. In particular, the lactic acid bacteria is helpful in keeping our guts and intestinal flora healthy.

2. Kombucha is a natural stimulant
Thanks to the green or black tea, kombucha also has an invigorating effect due to the natural caffeine within. The caffeineunfolds slower in tea than in coffee and lasts longer in the system. With kombucha, the invigorating effect does not end abruptly, known as the caffeine crash (the sudden and rapid breakdown of the substance), but is broken down evenly and gently by the body. This is why many people prefer kombucha as a natural waker-upper.

3. Kombucha is good for the immune system and skin
Those who drink kombucha also consume a variety of bioactive substances that not only strengthen the immune system but also aid digestion. This is because the lactobacilli contained within support the intestinal immune system, which fends off harmful microorganisms and viruses. In addition to this immune-boosting effect, kombucha may also have a positive effect on the skin. Yeast-contained preparations have been shown to alleviate skin ailments and impurities. No wonder kombucha has taken the world by storm – this elixir enhances skin beauty, aids digestion and strengthens the immune system while tasting so delicious.

"In a world of soda
be a kombucha"