These 4 foods boost the metabolism

 Metabolism refers to all biochemical processes that take place within the cell. Metabolism literally means transformation. Let me outline what the process exactly encompasses and describes: Nutrients that we consume through food and drink are digested, then utilized and converted into energy. 

"The activity of the
body's metabolism
is very individual"

The term metabolism is often used in connection with diets because the activity of the body's metabolism is individual, varying from person to person. Metabolic activity is influenced by various factors - including age and gender, as well as diet. We’ll reveal what foods and drinks have particularly powerful effect on metabolism and why:

1. Citrus fruits

Lemons, oranges and grapefruits are rich in vitamin C - about 50mg per 100g, which help accelerate the metabolism of fat. This is because vitamin C not only has antioxidant properties and protects the body from free radicals, as an important factor in enzyme systems, it also performs various functions in metabolism. It is involved in collagen formation, wound healing and bone growth – as well as promotes the breakdown of histamine and cholesterol. It has been scientifically proven that regular intake of natural vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits can lower cholesterol levels. The recommendation for adults is 90mg of vitamin C per day. 

2. Ginger

The pungent substances contained in ginger accelerate metabolism. Ginger acts positively on digestion by stimulating salivary flow and gastric juices, which drive digestion and, in turn, metabolism. It also boosts fat burning, as the pungent substances within stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the heart and reduces cholesterol.

3. Chili peppers

Hot spices have a stimulating effect on the metabolism. In addition to gingerroot, chilies contain plenty of natural heat, which when consumed leads to the boosting of the metabolism. As the body tries to balance the heat of the chili pepper, energy is released and calories are burned. Chili’s active ingredient is capsaicin boosts the metabolism by the body’s compensation for the sudden heat in the body.

4. Coffee

Just one of many good reasons for not giving up your morning java: Due to its caffeine and niacin, this black elixir stimulates the human metabolism, as both substances stimulate fat burning while increasing energy use. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that athletes who consumed a cup of coffee half an hour before their workout were able to significantly improve their training success compared to the control group (DOI: 0.1080/15438627.2018.1552146). So consuming the world’s favorite beverage in the morning is not only worthwhile, but also 30 minutes before we start a workout.

"Hot spices have a stimulating effect on the metabolism."