Self Care & Self Love

The connection to my own self and my own body is a big step towards the real success.

If I could give advice to my younger self, it would probably be to pay more attention to myself. I don't mean to develop superficial actions or pure selfishness. I find it important to deal with yourself more in order to get to know yourself better. To know what is really good for me mentally and physically and what is important to me.

"With more
self care in
our lives,
we become
more productive,
balanced and

If we listen more to the body, to our own gut feeling, we sometimes get to the desired goal faster than taking other routes that are associated with significantly more stress. Anyway, stress is not a helpful companion, regardless of the life situation. Therefore, reducing our stress factors to a minimum should be a high priority in our lives.

If we take more time for ourselves, it does not mean that this time is missing in other places. With more self care in our lives, we become more productive, balanced and focused by replenishing our depleted reserves. Our body and soul have more energy to achieve the goals set.

Everyone has to discover and put together their own self care routine. We are individuals who react differently to actions.

It is therefore important to answer the following questions first:
What relaxes my body?
What relaxes my soul?
What inspires me?
Which are the situations where I can let go?
What do I like most about myself?
Who am I and what defines me?

Possible routines that you put together can be:
sports activities
going for walks
listening to podcasts
reading newspapers, magazines or books
listening to music
conversations with family or close friends

Spa day at home or in the salon consisting of:
an extensive bath
face masks and scrubs

Integrate your personal routine into your daily routine several times a week. Only 10 minutes are often enough to you make you feel more energetic. Rid yourself of everything that is not good for you and has become an encumbrance. These can be habits, projects or people who have entered your life and take more energy than they give to you. Even in such cases, a break between two people or a final cut is better than holding onto something that has long since ceased to exist. Concentrate on your strengths as well as your skills. Let yourself be taken in by everything positive and everything that fulfills you. And be aware that everything else does not promote you and your mind.

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The connection to my own self and my own body is a big step towards the real success.
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