Time to declutter

For more clarity at home, thoughts and emotions

Decluttering is a pure anti-stress magic. It might seem as if decluttering the home has little to do with the emotional wellbeing, but it is a huge and important self-care act!  Have you ever noticed that during stressful periods of life our homes look messier than usual? More things are lying outside of their places and a perfect order is just not a priority.


It also works vice versa: too much unnecessary stuff and clutter increases the release of Cortisol, boosting the stress levels even further.  Things have a strong tendency to unseeingly accumulate with time. Even if everything looks at a perfect order at first sight, without doing a good general decluttering session, your house will be filled with hundreds things more than a year ago.
Too many things that we buy often create an unnecessary ballast rather than enrichment for our lives.
The unnecessary things that take up space are hidden everywhere- from bags, to bathroom drawers to work table and the piles of papers/bills/notes and to-do lists.
Even if everything looks tidy at first glance, without a thorough clearing out, the situation does not improve from year to year. The clutter stimulates the release of cortisol and increases stress levels. And we are less and less able to find peace and relaxation.

I approach decluttering as a meditation session. Getting rid of items no longer needed feels like releasing a heavy burden off the shoulders you didn’t even realize you were carrying. It ALWAYS feels incredibly uplifting and the most surprising thing is-once you start you just can’t stop. Especially when playing some favorite music!

The best way to start is going from room to room. A very thorough sorting out takes up a lot of time, so you may even schedule one room per day. Put the unnecessary stuff into prepared boxes or bags for things that are to be thrown away/ repaired/ cleaned/ donated or given as a present /sold.
Once that part is done, one should create awareness for things that surround us every day. What di I need? What is really useful? What makes me happy and what gives me joy? What is more of a burden for me?  Do I have too much of some stuff? What triggers negative emotions in me? And what is not working anymore?

Think about a clear structure at home. Find a fixed place for certain things to create a better order.

It is essential to stay motivated by having the goal very clearly in the mind:

More structure,
more clarity,
more calm,
and more relaxation.
This is your reward.

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