These are our Top 10 Coffee Table Books

These are our Top 10 Coffee Table Books

By Anaïs Eleni

Inspirational, informative and, above all, beautiful to look at: Coffee table books are wonderfully suited for reading about specific themes and being visually inspired at the same time. Coffee table books usually serve as pure decorative elements, but in the best case they can also provide information and convey new, exciting knowledge. Here you will find our ten current favorites from fashion, interior and architecture.

1. CHANEL: Karl Lagerfeld - The Campaigns
From 1983 to 2019, the Chanel brand was inextricably linked with the personality of Karl Lagerfeld. He was not only active as a creative director, but also designed and photographed a large part of the advertising campaigns for the French fashion house for years. The illustrated book CHANEL: Karl Lagerfeld - the campaigns includes all of Lagerfeld's campaigns and makes one thing clear above all: the fashion designer has significantly shaped the DNA of the fashion house and made it into what we associate with Chanel today. SHOP HERE


2. Case Study Houses
To this day, the “Case Study House” project has received special attention in architectural history. The building project initiated by John Entenza had the goal of reacting to the building boom of the post-war period with modern and affordable houses, which resulted in a total of 36 model houses in and around Los Angeles between 1945 and 1966. All the houses were committed to the architectural principles of modernism and were planned with new techniques and materials by architects such as Richard Neutra, Charles and Ray Eames or Pierre Koenig. The book conceived by Taschen about the history of the “Case Study Houses” summarizes the entire phenomenon in a compact way - making it a wonderful coffee table book, both in terms of content and appearance. SHOP HERE

3. Live Beautiful
With Live Beautiful, design expert Athena Calderone gives us insights into the interiors of interior designers. In this work, the EyeSwoon creator and renowned interior designer cleverly breaks down various room details - and explains exactly how carefully designed interiors are created and how they function as such. SHOP HERE

4. Peter Lindbergh on Fashion Photography
Peter Lindbergh was considered one of the most important fashion photographers of our time and had a decisive influence on the past four decades with his work. The German photographer achieved international recognition in particular through his revolutionary photo series with aspiring models at the end of the 80s and the resulting supermodel era. This anthology is therefore an essential work for anyone interested in fashion, culture and photography. SHOP HERE


5. 20th Century Design
Design of the 20th Century is one of the most important design volumes and an absolute must for anyone who likes to deal with interior design. Because it brings together the entire design spectrum of the past century and represents from A-Z all the designers who formed and shaped the 20th century and its designs. SHOP HERE


6. The Touch
Using the example of 25 rooms, The Touch presents the five user-oriented design components such as light, materiality, color, nature and community, which explain how haptic design elements can positively influence the quality of life. For this work, Nathan Williams from Kinfolk and Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen from Norm Architects teamed up and gathered a large portion of inspiration based on photographs, essays and personal tips. SHOP HERE


7. Dior: The Art Of Color
This book takes the reader on a visual journey through Dior's makeup and style history. As an exquisite ode to all the colors of the fashion house, the illustrated book presents the history of Dior cosmetics in the context of fashion and art over a total of twelve chapters. SHOP HERE

8. Living In The Desert
Living In The Desert brings together 50 works of residential architectures built in the desert - each one with a unique connection to the desert in which it is located. The carefully curated and illustrated selection of houses designed by various architects gives insights into the breathtaking and idyllic natural scenarios that are only possible in the desert. A wonderful aesthetical work for everyone who is interested in modern architecture and has a certain fascination for deserts. SHOP HERE

9. 100 Interiors Around The World
100 Interiors Around The World is the ultimate inspiration for contemporary interior design and lets all readers immerse themselves in the most diverse worlds of various interiors. Regardless of whether it's urban lofts or holiday homes in nature: the best design photographers have visually captured various living spaces - and take us on an interior journey around the world ... SHOP HERE

10. Capri Dolce Vita
With Capri Dolce Vita, Assouline has brought out another highlight for everyone who missed traveling last year as much as we did. Image series of dreamy gardens, villas and sights on the iconic Italian island extend over 270 pages. Especially in times of Corona, the book is wonderfully suitable for taking a short vacation - even if only mentally ... SHOP HERE

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