It’s Winter Time!

Fashion winter trends and how to stay effortlessly stylish during the cold season

by Anaïs Eleni

It seems to me, that it is somehow much easier to create a stylish outfit in summer than in winter. A good outfit in the cold season needs more time and effort. We have collected a couple of top special tips of how to look trendy and fashionable in winter:


#1: Stay warm & cozy
At that point we have to altogether pay tribute to our moms, when they were forcing us to wear those huge sweaters and 30 layers of stuff to keep us warm! They always knew it better! No matter the trends, dressing according to the weather is always the right choice. Couple of big warm oversized sweaters will always do the job!

#2: Layers, Layers and one more time Layers!
Layering clothes in winter is definitely one of the main to-go tips to create an effortless stylish look. Throw your favorite blazer or cardigan over a turtle neck sweater and wear a big fluffy coat over. That’s it, you’re ready to go!


#3: Big combat boots
A big pair of boots with chunkier platform will adopt itself seamlessly onto your existing wardrobe!  This trend is definitely winning at comfort and dresses down perfectly anything from an oversized suit to a classic jeans look.

#4: Play With the Colors
While it’s dark and cold outside, its definitely important adding a little color into the everyday looks. Combine a colorful jacket with a bright-colored hoodie or sweater. You can also complete any monochrome look with a colorful hat or a bag to keep it fresh in winter!

#5: Pants and Textures
To make a look more stylish, you can play around not just with colors, but also with textures!
A pair of slouchy leather pants will breathe new life into oversized sweaters. Also consider velvet trousers. Whether worn with an edgy t-shirt and a blazer or with a classic turtleneck bodysuit, they will instantly dress up your look!

Remember that fashion can decorate your day as well as inspire and lift up the mood! And if you’ll prepare your winter capsule wardrobe considering these tips, it will not only spare you a lot of time while deciding what to wear, it will also help you look cool while staying warm and cozy during the cold times!

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