Kitchen Trends of 2021

People around the world are spending ever more time at home, which has led to the greater importance of the kitchen.

People are doing more cooking and baking. Families are spending more time together and the kitchen is often the focus of everyday life. The trend is moving towards a well-equipped kitchen with modern appliances and a timeless design.

1. Marble

Marble is a classic and popular choice. A marble countertop is elegant, luxurious and timeless, and adds a sophisticated touch to any room. Though quartz or ceramic may often be favored, as marble is highly sensitive to vinegar and lemon juice, as well as wine and oil. Due to frequent use, any surface is bound to change.

Light-colored stone with anthracite streaks is trending right now.
From the back splash to countertops to wall claddings, marble is used universally for an elegant and timeless look. 
Marble combined with dark kitchen furniture or the natural effect of wood is breathtaking.

2. Natural

Want durability and resilience? Natural materials are ideal. Slate, granite and concrete are favorites for cabinet fronts and countertops. Wood is a warm and fragrant natural element in the kitchen. Wood, as a homey component, works well with smooth matte lacquer, rough concrete and fine natural stones 

Manufacturers are apparently investing in (sustainable) woods, whose often beveled edges elevate the look of any kitchen.
 It’s not only natural stones but also other natural materials that will be considered in 2021.

3. Matte look

Whether it's kitchen fronts, countertops or faucets, matte is absolutely trending! No longer is every mark or trace seen, surfaces are often coated with an anti-fingerprint layer. The matte look not only looks says state-of-the-art but is also much easier to clean. Design meets function. Gripless kitchen cabinets, in particular, leave fewer marks on surfaces this way. 
Together with warm wood tones, it creates a beautiful contrast and gives a serene look. Electrical appliances such as ovens and refrigerators are also available in matte and their addition rounds off the look.

4. Modern kitchen appliances and smart technologies

For anyone who loves to cook and bake, a well-equipped kitchen is a must. After all, high-quality kitchen appliances are prerequisites to ensure the food turns out perfectly and preparation is fun. Manufacturers are continuously working to improve kitchen appliances. The result are features that expand the range of possibilities and/or take the work out, e.g., self-cleaning ovens.

New solutions for the smart home have also been among the biggest trends for several years now. And that's certainly not going to change anytime soon. The trend is toward modern kitchen appliances that not only fulfill a practical function, but thanks to advanced technology and digitization, they are increasingly taking the work off our hands, i.e., they work automatically so that cooking work is that much easier. Many appliances can be conveniently controlled via apps or voice assistant at home or on the go.

In particular, the easy-to-use cooktops from bora with integrated vent hoods have become increasingly popular. These vent hoods automatically self-adjusting depending on what is cooking. No more constant monitoring and manual intervention, so you can focus on what’s in the pot or the pan.

"For anyone
who loves
to cook and bake,
a well-equipped
kitchen is a must."