These are The Interior Trends for 2021

These shapes, colors and materials will stay with us for the next year

by Anaïs Eleni

After a year in which we spent more time than ever in our own four walls, the big question arises: what interior trends can we expect in the coming year? And what shapes, colors and materials will trend in 2021? We dared to make three trend forecasts:

1. Round and asymmetrical shapes
From furniture to decorative elements to tablewear: the biggest interior trend that is already emerging and will reach its absolute peak in 2021 is asymmetrical and rounded shapes. Starting with the ceramic trend that has caught up with us over the past few months and created an obsession for the unfinished and imperfect, it seems we can't get enough of this raw aesthetic.

But plates, cups and decorative elements are far from enough: in 2021 we will also find more sofas with rounded corners. While the angular couch has dominated our interior wish lists for a long time, softer shapes will increasingly appear in the future.

2. Neutral and light tones
In 2021, neutral and light colors will dominate. This news will hardly come as a surprise to all minimalists among us, but this trend forecast could be of interest to all colorful interior lovers out there. It is already becoming apparent that light nuances will predominate in the color spectrum of the coming year - gray and beige walls in particular will come into focus again.

But the trend towards light tones goes beyond wall colors and is as well present in wooden furniture. So we will increasingly notice classics such as sideboards and side tables made of oak and ash wood, which by the way also harmonize wonderfully with the light wall tones.

3. Terrazzo instead of marble
After it seemed for years that we couldn't have enough marble elements, the cult stone is now facing competition. We are (of course!) talking about terrazzo. The floor covering, which originally dates back to antiquity and consists of decorative and often differently colored materials such as limestone, dolomite or granite, has already established itself as a decorative element in recent years - and is now making its final breakthrough.

Stone floors are produced from terrazzo, but also vases and lamps to tables and kitchens. One more reason to look forward to the New Year!