Anine Bing

We talked about her beginnings, her inspiration and how she manages to find the perfect balance for herself!

Anine Bing is mother of two children and owner of a fashion empire. Anine masters both with ease, sympathy and an irrepressible passion, without forgetting herself.

"When it comes
to my career,
I take risks.
I stay inspired.
I stay focused."

1. Anine, starting from the beginning: when was the moment you realize there is potencial for an own brand?
“It all started with a spontaneous closet sale. I just had my daughter Bianca and wanted to clear out some extra clothes that I hadn’t worn recently. I took photos of over 100 pieces and put them up on my blog for sale. Within just a few hours, everything sold out. That’s when my husband Nico and I realized that a lot of women who followed my blog looked to me for inspiration. My daily uniform consists of essential pieces that are timeless and easy to wear. I felt that there was clearly a void in the marketplace; I wanted to create a collection of quality wardrobe building blocks for the modern woman. So I decided to start my own line.”

2. What was important for you, along with your own label, what visions and what goals did you have in mind?
"I always dreamed of launching a modern-day luxury fashion house. I wanted to create a wardrobe for the modern woman that felt approachable, effortless and not overcomplicated. The multifaceted woman leads a very busy life––between work, family, and kids––so quality and craftsmanship are very important to me when it comes to designing pieces that are intended to last a long time. 

When launching a D2C brand, you need to take an innovative approach to be recognized and trusted as an authority in the marketplace. I knew that I needed to keep the consumer engaged, which is why I decided to focus on the "see now, buy now" model, which at the time, was breaking new ground in the fashion industry. We launch new pieces every week and regularly restock our Classics Collection, a curated assortment of timeless styles, including suiting separates, everyday layers, leather jackets and more that our customers keep coming back to us for.

My vision was always rooted in the duality of Scandinavian heritage and American spirit––think: Effortless, with a rock 'n' roll edge."

3. Have you ever had moments of fear or doubts while you build up Anine Bing? If so what helped you to calm down?
“Fear is only as deep as the mind allows. Staying curious keeps me inspired. I once read that you gain strength, courage, and confidence when you stop worrying what people will say or think about you. I believe that to be true. To achieve success, you must pursue the opportunities that terrify you the most.

When it comes to my career, I’m all about taking risks. I stay inspired; I stay focused. Maintaining a healthy relationship with doubt can push you to exceed your limitations. Take the wheel, and don’t let doubt get in the way of your dreams.”

4. What do you think, why is Anine Bing such a successful brand?
“For a long time, fashion was a slow process. You could see something come down the runway during Fashion Week, and then have to wait six months to get your hands on it. Now, consumers are scrolling through their Instagram feeds, ready to buy something immediately instead of waiting until the next season for it. At ANINE BING, we believe in the ‘see now, buy now’ model. We want to create pieces that feel fresh, relevant and can be enjoyed immediately. We launch new arrivals weekly to ensure we’re always speaking to newness––wardrobe basics and seasonal styles. That’s what gets our customers excited.” 

5. What means success for you?
“The key to success is simply giving your all every day. I try my best to live in the moment. If I’m in a meeting, I accomplish so much more if I’m not distracted by emails or checking my phone.”

6. How important is it for you to work in a team?
“My team means the world to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them. We work in an environment that is collaborative, inspiring and supportive. I love coming into the office every day. It’s so important to have good people by your side, and I’m grateful every day for how my team has grown and evolved with me since launching the brand’

7. What are your business goals for the next 10 years?
“Some very exciting things are in the works at ANINE BING. We recently opened our 15th store, and plan to continue our expansion both nationally and internationally. We started this brand seven years ago and it’s impossible to believe how much has happened in such a short amount of time. I hope that we continue to grow over the course of the next several years. I want ANINE BING to have a global presence!”

8. You are not only an entrepreneur, but also a mother of two beautiful children. How difficult is it for you to do both?
“It can be really hard to balance your work life with your personal life, especially when you have children. It’s important for me to set boundaries and create a set schedule that works best for myself and my family. It’s still a work in progress, but we’re getting there.”

10. Do you have rituals that have already helped you and your family to find more balance?
“Balance is something I work very hard to achieve. I believe that I’m a better mom because of my work. I’m a better boss because I have my family, as well as hobbies and interests outside of the office. Spending quality time with my family is so important to me. Every morning I try to have a sit-down breakfast with my kids and husband. You must carve out uninterrupted time––not just for your family, but also for yourself.”

11. What helps you personally to do all your daily tasks in your structure? Is that even possible? I can imagine that there is a lot on your to do list.
“I’m a creative. Putting a pen to paper helps me remember things, so I take my planner with me everywhere I go. I’ve always written down my goals each morning, both big and small. Doing this helps me stay focused and mindful as I move through my busy schedule.”

12. When you first came to L.A. back then, you always wanted to go back to live there. Why is Los Angeles so special for you?
“Los Angeles is such a creative city. It’s filled with amazing artists, filmmakers, musicians, designers––everywhere you turn, there’s someone or something there to inspire you. I feel comfortable being myself here, there is no judgement.”

13. How does your morning look like? Is there a morning routine you are following up every day?
“Every morning, I meditate. In order to stay fresh and focused when there’s a lot on my to-do list, I make a little time for myself.” 

14.How important is healthy eating to you? Is there anything you try to avoid?
“Life is all about balance. The same goes for food. I eat whatever I feel like eating in the moment and know that I’ll make up for it later with a healthy dinner, or by doing something active with my family, like hiking.”

15. What was the most useful beauty hack someone gave you?
“The best beauty advice I ever received was to be in bed by 10pm. Sleep is my #1 beauty secret. It keeps me looking fresh after a busy week. Also, make sure to drink lots of water!”

16. Is there any advise you would give your younger self?
“Know what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at. Maybe you’re a great designer, but you’re not so savvy with social media. There are so many things to consider when launching your own business.You have to learn where your strengths are, and collaborate with strong leaders who can help you with the rest. It’s important to have a team that supports and trusts you, and vice versa.”

Anines Top 3 places in L.A.:
1. Violet Grey––They have a beautiful store on Melrose that I love stopping by! The store offers such an amazing range of beauty brands worth discovering and exciting new products to try.
2. Flea Markets—This is how I source inspiration for my collections. I love digging through piles of vintage tees and tracking down unique home decor and one-of-a-kind furnishings that tell their own story.
3. Rove Concepts ––This modern furniture shop is definitely a go-to for me. We’ve brought a lot of their pieces into our retail stores. I love their minimal-luxe design aesthetic.

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