The 25-year-old model talks about self-confidence and her personal sports trend

Lorena has been modeling since school and has been living in New York for 3 years. But she never lost one thing: her naturalness. She eats what she feels and focuses on balance instead of giving up. In the interview, she gives more insight into her routine.

"Don’t always
overthink -
just do it."

Lorena, did you have a career wish as a little girl? If so, what was it?
Before I started modeling, I wasn't even aware of what I would like to do later. I planned to work for my dad in the car dealership after I graduated from high school. But it turned out differently.

As a model you are very confident. Was there a time in your life when the opposite was the case?
I was actually really shy as a child. I didn't even dare to go to the bakery without my mom. This is absolutely unimaginable today! My job and the challenges it brings have definitely helped me get more out of myself and become more confident.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Are there dreams that you still want to realize?
In any case, it is important to me to develop myself further and to stay true to myself. I look forward to the future! As long as I am healthy and happy, I don't care if I have 1 or 3 children, no or 5 dogs in 20 years. In this fast moving time, I prefer to concentrate on the here and now, because now is the time we yearn for in 20 years!

Is there a tip you would give your younger self today?
Don’t always overthink - just do it.

Tell us more about your everyday life, how does an ordinary day start for you and how does it end?
My day NEVER starts without a coffee and NEVER ends without removing makeup!

Do you have a certain nutritional philosophy?
No, I have to admit, I eat what I like! But: balance is key! In addition to a balanced, high-energy diet, it can also be a (or 4) Nutella toast, a cheese burger or 2 bags of chips. I definitely eat a lot less meat than I used to, but I'm not a strict vegetarian.

What does a perfect breakfast look like for you? What do you find on your laid table?
I actually have two types of breakfast. In everyday life, I don't need much in the morning apart from my beloved two cups of coffee. If I have planned an early workout, I like to eat either oatmeal or avocado toast with egg (measured by my talent in the kitchen, it can also only be a protein bar!) Now breakfast on vacation or at home with my family looks a little different! Croissants with butter and Nutella or jam, bread rolls with cheese and chocolate cornflakes should not be missing :-D

You ride together with the best make-up artists worldwide and you can surely tell us some tips. Which beauty products can you no longer do without?
One of my absolute MUST HAVES is the Clear Eyebrow Gel from Anastasia Beverly Hills!

Is there a beauty product that you might want to develop yourself because you haven't found the perfect one yet?
Definitely a lip balm!

What was the last beauty tip you were given?
Don't forget your neck / neck when applying cream!

Tell us more about your exercise routine. Is there a trend like barre workouts you practice?
I am not someone who runs after every trend and prefer to find my own workouts that bring me success and fun.
However, for this year I have decided to incorporate one or two yoga lessons into my routine, since I am unfortunately very inflexible for a long time.

What is the most important thing for you in sports?
Safety first! Under no circumstances do I want to strain or injure my body unnecessarily, so I pay great attention to the correct execution of the respective exercises and like to have the professional support of a trainer at my side.

What exercises do you swear by?
I swear on booty bands. You can really do everything with it!

You live in New York, what do you like most about the city?

Is there something you are missing in New York?
My family and friends.

Lorena's TOP 3 stores in NEW YORK for beauty treatments and products:
Cap Beauty West Village for 100% natural
Ricky’s / Sephora for Basics
Dr. Barbara Sturm for Facials

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